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Customer Testimonials

"I originally went to see Natalia Midler to receive treatment for chronic pain related to a groin pull injury. Previous to my appointment with Natalia I had seen a physical therapist and a primary care physician for about 6 months resulting in little pain management, nor relief from my symptoms. After my first acupuncture treatment with Natalia I experienced immediate pain relief from my groin injury. With every subsequent appointment, I had more sustained and prolonged relief between treatments. Natalia is very knowledgeable and intuitive with her patient care. She was able to treat other symptoms happening in my body related to allergies, digestion and emotional issues too. Natalia truly understands and treats the whole body, which is why I love going to her. She has helped me more than any other doctor has. I highly recommend Natalia Midler if you're looking for a great acupuncturist!"


"Our first session involved an in-depth discussion of many personal things. Natalia's method and manner was honest and probing but with such concern and intelligence that I felt I was discovering more about myself as she gained insight into my underlying physical condition and psychological circumstances.

In our weekly preliminary discussions, before acupuncture treatment, we talked about the various concerns in my life, most of which contributed to my chronic stress, and she taught me methods of breathing that, after almost two years, I still call upon in times of anxiety and fear. I have spoken with a number of counselors in the course of my relatively long life, and I must say that Natalia’s manner, and insight, involvement and genuine caring were uniquely effective in helping me to see myself and my situation more clearly, and to consider more helpful and self-accepting approaches to difficulties. After each session, as I left to go to work as a college teacher, I felt significantly more at ease and relaxed and comfortable in my own body ."

- MC

"After each session with Natalia, I felt an overwelming sense of peace. It was very valuable to me as my primary ailment has been the debilitating effects of depression anxiety. Natalia continues to give me coping strategies and tools that have helped me in maintaining the feeling of peace that she has helped me to achieve. I have experienced so much positive change and growth in my life as a result of my work with Natalia. I have more energy, I am beginning to understand and appreciate my worth as a member of my community, and I feel my anxiety decreased. I feel my overall sense of wellbeing continues to improve each week through my work with Natalia. "

- IR

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